Website Audit

Find out how your website could be better serving your business and turning visitors into buyers!

A poorly designed website can be hurting your business more than helping it. It’s not enough to “just have a website” anymore. It needs to be designed strategically with the customer end goal in mind. 

A website audit from a professional website designer is invaluable in fixing the holes in your website where you’re leaving money on the table because visitors aren’t buying or booking.

When you invest in a website audit from me you’re not getting just a few flimsy notes with a few vague suggestions on how things could be better.

No, you’ll be getting my eyes on your website taking an in-depth look over every inch of it. After I have gone over your website meticulously I will then record an in-depth walk thru video which I will send you showing you every area in which an improvement could be made AND telling you how I would solve the problem. Plus you will also get a Google doc checklist of the areas needing improvement so you can check off your list as you attend to them!

And it doesn’t stop there – you’ll then get two weeks of email support during which you can ask me any questions you’d like as you go to work improving your site with the suggested changes.

investment: $180

fill out the form below to get your website audit done!

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