case study: The Positive Academic

Client: Dr. Erin McTigue, Academic writing coach
Owner of The Positive Academic

My business has really picked up in the number of clients since Tiffany both designed my website. I originally had made one on my own through Wix and it just wasn't really communicating what I did and people were not finding it.

Since Tiffany moved me to WordPress and redesigned my website I have been not just getting clients through word of mouth, which was my only source of new clients until that point, but people are simply finding it in Google searches. So I'm coming up in, you know, a field that's really overcrowded - the coaching industry but they're finding my website and then are reaching out to me through simply only Google search which is very powerful.

I really recognize the value of Tiffany's work. When you know when a new client contacts me frequently I will ask them, “hey how did you find me by the way?”

As the type of work I do is a bit of a niche kind of coaching. Multiple people commented on how they really felt they got a feel of who I was from my website and that they felt like “I think I could work with this person simply based on their website” so somehow aspects of my personality, aspects of it made them feel calm like I was going to solve or help them solve their problems.

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