case study: Relentless Virtual

Client: jessicA Powell, Business Mentor AND Team Builder
Owner of relentless virtual

When Tiffany gave me a little  sneak of my website I realized that she knew exactly what I was aiming for, exactly what I wanted and was making my idea come to life that I  definitely could not have done on my own.

The most delightful part of working with Tiffany is that she's not only professional  but she's extremely friendly and personable. She knows exactly what you're asking her to do and she  takes your idea and turns it into a masterpiece.

Since Tiffany designed my website I have had  multiple people compliment me on the way that it was set up, the professionalism of the website  itself and I've actually had discovery calls that I would not have had had I not had the website.

They flat out told me that they contacted me purely over the website and they only contacted  people with websites that they liked, that were attractive enough in a professional manner. I  have actually gained multiple clients since then; three within a month based solely  off of having the website.

Jessica's DIY

First site

new rebranded site

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