Testimonials are great but video case studies are even more powerful. Nothing beats a potential client hearing about a client’s transformation directly from them. It’s like they’re having a direct conversation with them and can see and feel all of the emotions behind the words.

These are powerful conversion tools and can turn a “Maybe” into a “I have to work with her now!”

Most coaches and service providers use at least three of these on their website, sales pages and to share on social media.



It's Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Client Introduction

Send introduction email to me and your client and I'll take it all from there!

Step 2: Send Me All Assets

Send over your logo and branding materials. You will be given access to a shared Google folder in which you can upload all your assets.

Step 3: Share With Everyone

I connect with your client, interview them and then professionally edit the video. Then you can proudly share it with the world. Congratulations!

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