"you can do it" DIY website

Designed by an expert; customized by you.

Build Your Own Website with Ease and confidence

Are you stuck trying to create your own website but aren’t quite ready to hire a professional designer? With “You Can Do It” DIY Website, you don’t have to worry about having design skills or spending a ton of money! I supply everything you need to make sure your website is and looks polished using a professionally-built template and providing step-by-step video tutorials.

No Design Skills Required

You don't need to be a designer or know how to code to create your website - our plug and play system is designed for beginners, so all you need is your creativity and enthusiasm!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

My step-by-step video tutorials walk you through the entire process of customizing the website, from start to finish. With my easy to follow instructions, even a beginner can get their dream website up and running in no time!

professionally built template

Tailored for almost any service based business or personal website, the website template is optimized to perform and convert visitors into buyers. There is nothing holding you back now!

Plug & Play: designed for beginners

I make it easy for you to get started right away. The plug & play system makes it simple to customize your site with your own images, logos, brand colors, copy and more. Get your professional website up and running with “You Can Do It” DIY Website!

click image to see full template website

investment only $ 165

(buyer is responsible for domain and hosting fees, along with any paid plugins desired)

Tiffany is a whiz at designing professional WordPress websites! They are beautiful, professional and very functional. She really has an eye for design and incredible skill in creating the perfect place to send all of your potential clients. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for website design work for my business!

hi i'm tiffany

I’m an absolute passionate and unapologetic geek about designing beautiful, yet strategic, websites that standout and make my client’s brand shine! 🌟

I do it all from my home in the great state of Texas with coffee or tea in hand. ☕

I’m always aiming to increase and add to my website design knowledge so I can build and design the very best sites for my clients. 💯

I’m an independent mom of two awesome boys and of one sweet rescue pup named Piper. 👩‍👦‍👦 🐕


build a website yourself but not BY yourself

professionally designed site

Save money without sacrificing quality.

built with
beginners in mind

No design or coding experience necessary.

plug and play
technology used

Customize the website to your heart's content.

video turorials
walk you through

No questions left unanswered or unexplained.


The #1 website platform – WordPress.

No, those are your responsibility. Pricing ranges from company to company. There are many good hosting companies out there: Siteground, Ionos, Hostinger and  Dreamhost, just to name a small few. I recommend either Ionos or Siteground. Typically fees range from approximately $70 to $250 per year.

Yes, this package comes with 2 months of email support after purchase.

No, this template is not built with full-scale ecommerce properties. It can however, be used to sell a few purchases such as service offers or downloads.

There are only two extra optional costs. One is that you may choose to have me do the initial WordPress and template install for you. The fee for that is $55. The second optional cost is if you choose to use any paid WordPress plugin. Plugins are software that give a website added functionalities. Many are free but there are paid ones as well. To build this template I do use one paid plugin. I cover the cost of $49 per year for the first year you have the website. After that you can continue and take over the $49 yearly fee or discontinue it. I built the template site so that approximately 90% of the capabilities do not require the paid plugin and if you choose to discontinue using it I can show you other ways to get those capabilities for free.


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