done for you black friday sales funnel setup

Ready to watch the sales roll in while you enjoy the holidays?

Coaches, leaders and all online entrepreneurs….  it’s time to start planning for Black Friday! If you want your Black Friday offers to bring in lots of sales (and I know you do!) then NOW is the time to get all of your ducks in a row.

Putting together your Black Friday offers shouldn’t be done at the last minute and shouldn’t be left up to chance.

How would it feel to have your Black Friday Sales Funnel built for you, and not only that, but with a solid strategy behind it to drive sales?

How would it feel to focus on your business instead of tech leading up to the big day (weekend actually!)?

You got the skill set – You can more than deliver on your service- 

But -TBH- even though you’re a powerhouse, you’d rather NOT try and put together all of your funnels. 

Plus- you’re not one for offering sales- but BLACK FRIDAY is a whole different game… and you’re ready to play. 

If you’re a coach, leader, online entrepreneur  that wants to be ready for Black Friday this year (and not wait until the last minute to throw something up) then you’ll definitely want to grab this offer.

Sound good? Check out my Done For You Black Friday Sales Funnel Setup!

What You'll Get

Strategy Kick Off Call

so that your sales funnel is primed to skyrocket your Black Friday offer sales. Marketing without a solid strategy behind it results in a serious lack of sales.

Landing/Sales Pages Build and Design By An Experienced Expert Funnel Sales Designer

so that you don’t have to deal with the tech aspect and can keep serving your clients and customers in your zone of genius instead.

Email Marketing Automation/Cart Abandonment Set Up

so that you have a chance to win back a buyer who didn’t go through with purchase and continue marketing to those who chose not to purchase initially but did opt in to your lead magnet.

Integration Of All The Pieces

so that they work seamlessly to ensure a smooth customer buying experience… and not cost you lost sales because the tech wasn’t working properly. This includes connecting your payment gateway, your sales pages and your email marketing platform.

Investment Starting at $650

Hi! I'm Tiffany,

Website designer, funnel builder and strategist and all around tech support gal for online entrepreneurs.

In general, I take care of the tech – while you take care of your business!

get your done for you black friday funnel set up package now!

everything you need for a successful and profitable black friday sales funnel... and all done for you.

strategy call

Landing/sales page design

email marketing automation

all integrations connected


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